“When I was in high school my father died, and watching my mother struggle to find a job and trying to figure out how I’d pay for college triggered my interest in social inequality and personal finance. After graduating from college I wanted to use my writing skills in politics or advocacy work, but after a few years working at non-profits I knew I had to go back to my childhood dream to be a reporter. I worked for a couple of papers covering general news, which means you do something different every day. I loved the variety. Over time it really became clear how many stories came down in the end to money, whether it’s how the government is spending it, how a company is making it or how a family is forced to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. I started covering personal finance, learning about the stock market and investing, and then expanded into business and entrepreneurs. I’m endlessly curious about people and in awe of how resilient and creative people can be, especially women.”

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