Reinventing Yourself in Uncertain Times

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Or are you ready to make a transition? If you think they’re the same thing, you’re not alone. But understanding the difference is a crucial first step if what you’re longing for is a transformational shift in your life.After achieving a major milestone in her own career, Linda Rossetti found herself consumed by an unexpected mix of feelings that she struggled to name. She responded by making a series of changes that didn’t  help. Linda began researching what was really going on in her own life and that of many women she knew. Today the former tech entrepreneur and executive is a consultant and author guiding other women through periods of upheaval and uncertainty.  Tune in to hear Linda explain the key aspects of her research and for guidance on navigating the sometimes rocky and lonely terrain of moving from one phase of life to another. 

Key Points in This Episode:

  • Identifying the fundamental distinction between transition and change.
  • The periods of transition that both Linda and Susan went through and how they first attempted unsuccessful changes to address them.
  • How Linda first started investigating the concept of transition.
  • The first step in transitioning: Becoming aware of the origins of your expectations.
  • The second step in transitioning: gaining a deeper understanding of the role of emotions.
  • The feelings of loss that can come with transition.
  • How hurdles and barriers can prohibit us from embracing and pursuing transitions.
  • Why experimentation is necessary to guide one through a transition.
  • Why an educated and conscious approach is beneficial to transitioning.
  • Practical steps for connection and finding support during these periods.
  • How to disrupt previous beliefs about ourselves and foster new connections.
  • The concept of the COVID pandemic as a persistent trauma and how people react to that trauma differently.
  • How truly exploring transition can bring you into closer alignment with who you are.
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“We use “change” and “transition” interchangeably, when in fact, what I’ve learned in researching this notion of transition in women’s lives for more than a decade, I might add, I found that they mean very different things” — @LindaARossetti [0:03:13]

“Transitions occur when there’s a shift in what holds value or meaning to us. And what’s happening when we’re transitioning is we’re reconstituting how we think about something.” — @LindaARossetti [0:03:54]

“My newest favorite definition for transition is, it’s an invitation for a deeper connection to ourselves. And that’s something we need to consciously take”. — @LindaARossetti [0:21:54]

“From my research and my work, I would say it is universally positive, that if somebody chooses to explore what transition might mean, the inflection point in their life is extraordinary.” — @LindaARossetti [0:36:05]

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