A Latina’s Radical Approach to Healthcare Equity


When Bronx native Ivelyse Andino witnessed the inequities in the healthcare system firsthand, she did something radical. Andino gathered neighbors around her kitchen table to talk about their experiences. Those conversations became a cornerstone of the company she soon launched to transform healthcare for underserved communities. Radical Health–the first Latina-owned and operated Benefit Corp in NYC — combines the power of conversation with technology to help people navigate the system and advocate for themselves. In this inspiring conversation, Ivelyse talks about channeling anger into action, the crucial first step any founder can take to build confidence, addressing inequality in health care, the lessons of bootstrapping, changing the conversations we have about our health, and her single best piece of advice for everyone dealing with a health issue.

Highlights from this episode:

The experiences that led Ivelyse to start Radical Health 
Her early career in healthcare and her mother’s illness
The first step she took to prepare to become a CEO
How she chose her company’s name
Combining tech and talk to help people navigate the healthcare system
Addressing systemic problems in a broken system
Shifting power to give people more agency over their health
The power of bootstrapping to ensure a sustainable company
Why Radical Health doesn’t call people patients
Ivelyse’s advice for everyone to transform their healthcare experience

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