The Multimillion-Dollar Brand Taking a Bite Out of Landfills

Lindsay McCormick had one of those business ideas that make you instantly ask: why didn’t someone think of that before?  Lindsay was a TV producer when she began thinking about all the landfill waste that we create when we toss away toothpaste tubes. Soon she was talking to dentists learning about chemistry and on Reddit threads with, well, drug dealers who also wanted to make tablets at home. Hers were toothpaste tablets. 

From that clever idea she went on to build a multimillion-dollar oral care brand with a line of all-natural and sustainable products including mouthwash and a whitening gel. Just last month, Bite expanded into a new area of personal care products–deodorant. Bite has launched the first 100% plastic-free deodorant with compostable refills to help fight the 15 million pounds of plastic deodorant packaging that ends up in our landfills and oceans every year. Bite is still Bite–but now it stands for Because it’s the Earth. Join us for a great conversation about following a passion, building a conscious company, customer loyalty, brand storytelling, and the small steps we can all take to help the planet.

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Highlights of this episode:

The first steps she took to figure out how to make toothpaste sustainable.
How she went from $6,000 to $200,000 in sales in a few weeks.
Turning down a deal with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban.
Creating a brand story that resonates with customers.
What it really means to be a transparent brand.
Choosing to keep Bite’s products palm-oil free despite the costs.
Lindsay’s favorite–and easy–everyday choices for a better environment.

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