Choosing Love over Fear with Scarlett Lewis

In our divisive world, it can seem that values such as love and compassion are slipping further away. But during these turbulent times we need one another more than ever. Today’s guest, Scarlett Lewis, faced the unthinkable when her son, Jesse, was killed in his first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary. Rather than letting anger and grief define her, Scarlett chose forgiveness. Inspired by a three-word message Jesse had left before he was killed, she founded the Choose Love Movement to create a free social and emotional skills program for kids–and now adults. We talk about how  Scarlett was able to forgive and how her family and friends reacted,  and how the four pillars her program is built on–courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion- are exactly what we all need to practice right now.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The message Scarlett found from her son, Jesse Lewis.
  • How Scarlett got her power back through forgiveness.
  • How isolation and the pandemic are increasing the need for healing.
  • How Scarlett came up with the idea for the Choose Love program.
  • The four key elements of her free program for kids and adults.
  • How Choose Love works in schools to help kids develop social and emotional intelligence.
  • Who can benefit from the free resources Choose Love has created.
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