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Weekly interviews with women—entrepreneurs, activists, business leaders, artists, authors and other visionary women–who will inspire you to live with purpose and make our world a better place.


Price is an excellent interviewer and I find the podcast inspiring. There

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“When I was in high school my father died, and watching my mother struggle to find a job and trying to figure out how I’d pay for college triggered my interest in social inequality and personal finance. After graduating from

Where Women Athletes Make the Rules

What would a pro sports league look like if the athletes made the decisions? In this episode, pro volleyball player Cassidy Lichtman talks about coming out of retirement to play with Athletes Unlimited. Launched in 2020, Athletes Unlimited is a …

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Reinventing Yourself in Uncertain Times

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Or are you ready to make a transition? If you think they’re the same thing, you’re not alone. But understanding the difference is a crucial first step if what you’re …

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A Latina’s Radical Approach to Healthcare Equity


When Bronx native Ivelyse Andino witnessed the inequities in the healthcare system firsthand, she did something radical. Andino gathered neighbors around her kitchen table to talk about their experiences. Those conversations became a cornerstone of the company she soon …

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Promoting Justice in an Amazing Space

Sharon Prince, CEO and founder of Grace Farms, has fulfilled an ambitious vision to build both a foundation with an interdisciplinary humanitarian mission and an intentionally-designed space that embodies hope and peace. Housed in the sinuous, innovative River building designed by …

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How to Make Connections That Matter

Instead of asking people you meet to help with your career or business, what if you asked what you can do for them? That shift is key to building connections that not only support your success but bring more …

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Pop Culture as a Force for Good

The power of storytelling is indisputable, but who is–and isn’t–telling those stories shapes our world far more than how much we simply enjoy a film or book. Bridgit Antoinette Evans and Tracy Van Slyke are leaders in building a more …

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Choosing Love over Fear with Scarlett Lewis

In our divisive world, it can seem that values such as love and compassion are slipping further away. But during these turbulent times we need one another more than ever. Today’s guest, Scarlett Lewis, faced the unthinkable when her son, …