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Solving for Joy

“Climate feminism is exactly what we need, because our planetary crisis has never been gender neutral.”

- All We Can Save

Meet Susan



Since I was a kid I knew three things about myself: I loved stories, asking people questions, and swimming pools
I picked a career--journalism--where I could spend my days talking to people and writing things. I’ve covered everything from hairstyles to hedge funds, but I focus on writing about women and social change. I used to live in NYC and write for big magazines and websites--BusinessWeek, Fortune, Atlantic, and Forbes. Now I live in Los Angeles with a swimming pool outside my window. I write fiction and non-fiction, and my weekly newsletter. I help startups and nonprofits tell their stories, too.



Work with Me

Whether you’re looking for an experienced journalist to report and write articles on a tight deadline or a content strategist to develop and tell your story, my laptop is always humming.


I've been a writer and editor for mainstream and niche media, from Forbes and Fortune to lifestyle blogs and alumni magazines. It always comes down to the same things: the right story, compellingly told.

Content Development

Whether you're launching your first side hustle or have a decades-old tech company, your story matters. So does how, when and where you tell it. I'll help you craft a strategy or create content for your site, blog, newsletter, ebook and more.

Media Strategy

Who better than a journalist to guide you through the crazy media world? I'll help you shape the stories that get attention, craft your pitches and press releases, and train you to nail the interview.



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